The POWER of Smart, Simple and Integrated Church Management Software

Church management software by ParishSOFT is designed to assist parishes and other related organizations with structuring and managing all aspects of daily operations. Smart and integrated cloud-based software will help organizations get organized and simplify administrative tasks, events, outreach, communications, manage donations, track finances and membership growth.

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Benefits of Integrated Church Management Software

Greater Management

  • Automate tasks and improve parishioner data.
  • Cloud-based software for access from anywhere.
  • Gain deep insights with valuable reporting tools.
  • Coordinate complex events with ease.
  • Schedule use of resources and facilities.
  • Integrate and work with other parishes in your diocese.
  • MinistryOne, a full-featured mobile app is included at no extra cost.
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Greater Communication

  • Increase effectiveness of parish communications.
  • Create an environment of exceptional parishioner care.
  • Various contact methods include: text, email.
  • Drive parishioner engagement.
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Greater Flexibility

  • All contributions, gifts, and donations in one system.
  • Provide flexible options for generosity.
  • Manage in real time.
  • Reduce administrative burden.
  • Donations go straight to the parish.
  • Accept ACH, Debit, or Credit Cards.
  • Reporting features built for the parish.
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Greater Financial Security

  • Designed specifically for church accounting needs.
  • Align ministry goals with data and financial insight.
  • Steward resources to maximize ministry growth.
  • Effortlessly generate valuable reports.
  • Secure your sensitive accounting data.
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Greater Visibility

  • Mobile phone and tablet compatible designs.
  • Quick and simple to manage and update.
  • Build a virtual extension of your parish's message.
  • Grow your parish's reach.
  • Set a great first impression with parishioners.
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A Smart and Better Way to Serve Your Ministry

Spend more time serving God, your members, and the community with simple, integrated church management software from ParishSOFT.

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